Corporate Product Design (CPD)

Held+Team’s Corporate Product Design (CPD – registered trademark of Held+Team) represents a unique method of enabling a family of technical products, regardless of complexity, to achieve a high degree of visual brand recognition. The structured procedure developed by us comprises much more than the selection of color and a logo position as is the case with traditional corporate design guidelines.
Our proprietary CPD is likewise not restricted to the formal definition of radii, arcs or other formal manifestations, because these only create a unique look in rare cases. The imitation of such simple, formal elements is nearly always possible – without infringing intellectual property rights! Our approach goes much ‘deeper’ – into the functionality of products and product families. How they are handled as well as how they are perceived through the senses of touch and hearing. After a detailed analysis and preparation of a brand’s current product range, we develop a “common denominator” which creates brand recognition and may be systematically complemented with additional features over time.

Visual Branding Development
The result is an image, defined in guidelines, for all products of a brand, including a Graphical User Interface and packaging, of course. In conclusion, the features will represent brand values and strengthen brand recognition over years and decades. A brand is an essential element of the corporate value these days – another reason why this method is important – particularly for complex product programs in medical technology. This method is especially helpful when an acquired company must be visually integrated in an undertaking and thus have to be perceived as “one brand” by customers. For understandable reasons we cannot reveal any more detailed information on our process here. However, experience gathered in the execution of numerous projects has confirmed the meaningfulness of this in each case. More than 50% of our sales volume is generated by the development and support of CPD projects.

Some examples for corporate product design

  • CPD for Olympus (Hamburg) – 1996 start of the project for surgical instruments
  • CPD for B. Braun – 2003 start of the international project for disposable items (infusion therapy and anesthesia), packaging, pharmacological products, dialysis, GUI
  • CPD for Olympus (Tokyo) – 2004 start of the international project for devices, packaging, GUI
  • CPD for X Cen Tek (PAX) – 2006 start of the project for emergency rucksacks, bags, Web, CD, etc.
  • CPD for Haag Streit Surgical – 2006 start of the project for OR microscopes and stands, GUI
  • CPD for Bowa – 2007 start of the project for instruments and generators in the electrosurgery, packaging, GUI
  • CPD for Mettler Toldeo – 2013 start of the project for various laboratory carts, GUI
  • CPD for Maquet – 2013 start of the project for a complex portfolio from the OR table to the stent, packaging, GUI