At the end of the nineties there was a significant „surplus“ of trained designers, and accordingly the competition was intense. The idea of focusing on medical technology and thus to differentiate oneself appeared to me to be logical, but such a specialization was completely new. Today we are more or less the only office in Europe with this specialized task field. Of course I was very lucky that my acquisition efforts were already fruitful in the first few months. At the end of 1997, we already worked for B. Braun, Olympus and Bowa. Companies for which we are still very active today!
And so, very quickly a feeling of security and confidence developed that the idea of a medical technology specialist office could be useful and viable. Our goal was and is to build long-term, trusting and cooperative working relationships with customers and suppliers.
Since 2011 Thomas Märzke is partner at the company with complete 14 employees.

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