ARC 400 User Interface
Bowa electronic GmbH

Electrosurgical units are used in laparoscopic surgery or open surgery to cut as a knife or coagulate bleeding (like welding). Many new technical features are included: parallel use of three instruments, automated adjustments by RFID, full-color touchscreen behind glass, animated adjustments showing the result, illuminated sockets, angled front, sockets angled to the side, display free of cables, easy to clean, no gaps, joints, screws, monopolar and bipolar sockets on the right and the left side, no mix up. An ARC+ (Argon) can be used for special surgery with ARC 400. The development was started in 2004 when there were nearly no capazitive touchscreens used in OR. The main target was to have menue with just one level and a very simple and clear grafical approach what was very much appricated by the users since it was launched. The design is based on the Corporate Interface Design definitions developed by Held+Team.