CSU ModuEvo
Maquet GmbH & Co.KG

The ModuEvo is an innovative, modular ceiling supply unit (CSU), which is used in the operating room and intensive care (ICU). The arms and distributor heads come in various sizes, so the unit can be optimally configured for the available space and weight requirements. The unique interface rail with an integrated bus bar system makes it possible to attach several accessories, supply them with electrical power (low power) and transmit data to the hospital IT systems (e.g. vital data). The control handles are equipped with innovative touch-to-move technology, which automatically releases all the brakes when touched, giving the user intuitive control. The cable management system deserves a special mention. E.g. all the cables coming from the front can be passed through a middle channel to the rear and are therefore not in the way of the plugs and instruments at the front.

ModuEvo is available in various colors, meaning that it can be optimally integrated into the design of the hospital. Appropriate lighting can be provided by ambient light integrated into the distributor heads as well as indirect light above the support arms.
The design is based on the Corporate Product Design definitions developed by Held+Team.