Trumpf GmbH & Co KG

The iLED 7 is an innovative surgical operating room light that automatically adapts to the working conditions in the operating room.
Even when the surgeon is under the OR light, the iLED 7's sensor-controlled assistance system manages the individual segments to clearly illuminate the surgical site. As a result, the light intensity remains stable and there is typically no need to manually readjust. The surgeon can concentrate on his work. The quality and intensity of the light from the iLED 7 remains consistent at various working distances, color temperatures and pattern sizes. The unique Smart Pattern function provides you with a consistently sized light area at typical working distances of 31” to 51” (0.8 to 1.3 meters), with between three light field sizes can be selected. The OR-light is equipped for use with HD cameras and sterile handles. You can operate basic functions directly at the light head or from the optional sterile control handle. For more advanced adjustments, you can use the Wall Control Panel or the optional mobile control tablet. The opening in the center of the light head, curved surfaces and the optimized size contribute to optimum airflow. The slim design and the use of lightweight materials contributes to the easy positioning of the OR light.