Packaging for disposables
sold to hospitals (carton)
B. Braun Melsungen AG

The department „Hospital Care“ within the BBraun company delivers all kind of products for infusion therapy from NaCl to Propofol. For all these bottles and bags a standard layout was developed. Based on user requirements a strict hierarchy of informations was implemented and combined with clear brand grafics. By many user tests a grafic was developed that should reduce the risk of using the wrong drug as much as possible. This is done by the amount of color – the higher the concentration the more color and on top using colored triangels for dangerous drugs. The durg is discribed by using „Arial Black“ in the biggest possible way to guide the eye to exactly this information. By this homogenious appearance the overall approach of the brand B. Braun is starched. The design is based on the Corporate Product Design definitions developed by Held+Team.