XPR-Precision Balance
Mettler Toledo GmbH

With XPR-Precision Balance users can weigh-in samples up to 10kg with an accuracy of one thousandth of a gram under laboratory conditions. The operation terminal can be mounted to a tripod and the inclination of the display can be adapted to support ergonomic body postures during work. The user may adapt the inclination of the terminal also to improve the clearness of display. Contactless operation via SmartSens Technology makes weighing more comfortable. For highly regulated environments quality features such as a status light on the operation terminal improves working with the balance. At first glance the user is able to determine if the balance calibration is accurate and if the balance is ready for weighing. A specifically shaped weighing pan reduces the influence of airflow that may affect weighing results and speed. Smooth surfaces with rounded edges simplify cleaning of the weighing pan. Any spilled substances remain in the tray underneath for safe disposal and easy cleaning. The design is based on the Corporate Product Design definitions developed by Held+Team.