Dental design by experts – Held+Team accompanies you

Are you one of those companies that are active in the dental sector and want to develop new products, to launch them on the market? If so, then the subject of dental design is particularly relevant to you. After all, the success of a company depends on its products, the product design and their marketing strategy. In the field of dental design, there is a large number of different products, from root canal drills and dental microscopes to practice equipment. If you are still looking for the best partner for your dental product design, you have found the right medical design experts in Held+Team. We not only take on the packaging and label design of your products, but also the complete usability development and interface design.

A team with many years of experience in the area of dental product design

Concerning products for dental health, you should leave nothing to chance when it comes to planning, development and implementation. We at Held+Team have been active in the field of industrial design for medical products for 25 years. This includes the field of dental design, in which we have already successfully managed a wide variety of development projects. Our planning and conception is always based on your wishes. Our experienced experts take into account and focus on all functional and formal aspects of the product as well as its use, during development.

With us you will experience dental industrial design at the highest level. Our dental design team works closely with you on the individual project segments and, in iterative steps, we arrive at the final product together.

Dental design with high quality materials for optimal hygiene

As in all medical fields of work, hygiene is very important for products in dentistry. Materials and surfaces as well as their cleanability play an important role. Our experts are aware of that. That is why, right from the start, materials and surfaces that best meet these requirements are considered in our designs.

With the support of our medical product design experts, you will receive dental designs for all ages and target groups. If, for example, toothbrushes are to be developed for children under the age of 6, the right size and ergonomics are essential for successful sales. The same applies to levers and handles on a dental microscope, which should be used equally safely and securely by both left- and right-handed people, by women with rather small and men with rather large hands.

Our team is familiar with these requirements and has many years of experience in product development. That's why you can contact our dental design team with peace of mind.

held+team | Dental design by experts – Held+Team accompanies you

Dental design in packaging and brand development

However, dental design does not only include development of the products themselves. The packaging design must also be done correctly. With the right dental packaging design, a contemporary and valuable visual impression is created. In addition, a successful hierarchy of information enables quicker handling and avoids errors during use of the product. With a successful design, a recognition value is created, which ensures that your product is remembered positively and will be bought again later. The brand appearance and the establishment of a consistent brand design on the product and packaging is extremely important. The customer is in contact with them for much longer and intensively than, for example, with the website or product brochures. In a professional environment, the brand experience takes place primarily in dealing with the product. This is why building a consistent brand image is so crucial. Held+Team has over 25 years of experience and has been supporting small companies and global corporations alike in this corporate product design (CPD) process for decades.

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Have we made you curious and interested in more about dental design? Feel free to contact our team at any time. You will receive personal advice from us under no obligation. This gives you an overview of our sphere of activity and you can decide whether you would like our team to carry out your projects. In our magazine you will also find the latest news from our industry.

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