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The Franconian city of Erlangen is located in the north of the Free State of Bavaria and, with more than 110,000 inhabitants, is one of the eight major cities in the federal state in the south of the republic. Erlangen is not only known as a university town, which attracts many people to the city for training and research every year, but also for its historical past around the Erlangen garrison and much more. But the city of Erlangen is also interesting from an economic perspective. Many future-oriented and promising companies have settled in and around Erlangen, and not just in recent years.

If you are active with your company in the field of product design in Erlangen or need support with industrial design for Erlangen, you are at the right address at Held+Team from Hamburg. As an experienced partner in the field of industrial and medical design for Erlangen, we are happy to mobilize our accumulated know-how in our office in Hamburg for our customers and their projects. Find out what this can mean in detail and which medical design services are important for Erlangen in the following at Held+Team.

Our design agency for industrial design for Erlangen

As an expert in product design for Erlangen, our specialty is primarily in the areas of industrial and medical technology design. Below you can find out what all this includes in detail and which disciplines are particularly important to us:

Industrial design: Industrial design for Erlangen is all about developing the perfect design for subsequent series production. There are countless factors that need to be agreed upon and optimised. This can only be done with a competent partner. We at Held+Team have more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial design for Erlangen and are your partner.

Packaging and labeling: With Medical Design for Erlangen, the packaging of a product has a very special function: While with conventional product design, the packaging primarily has the function of attracting the attention of an end customer, with Medical Design for Erlangen, the packaging has the function of Transmission of important information that is also relevant for the approval of the product.

Graphical user interface: The digitization of the work environment plays a major role in industrial design for Erlangen. More and more products have what is known as a graphical user interface, or GUI for short. So that nothing stands in the way of the practical use of the product, we take care of the flawless development of the graphical user interface in industrial design for Erlangen.

Corporate Product Design: While the user-friendliness factor has clear priority in industrial design for Erlangen, this does not mean that this has to be at the expense of a unique corporate design with a high recognition value. Our professionals in the field of industrial and medical technology design for Erlangen know how to combine these two factors in a masterly way.

Analysis and strategy: planning is the be-all and end-all - this also applies to medical design in Erlangen. So that your products are later able to meet all the challenges of practice, we research right from the conception stage where the products will later be needed - directly on the market or in the relevant hospitals.

Ergonomics and usability: The aspects of ergonomics and usability are of particular importance in medical technology design for Erlangen. Various parameters are used to control how easy subsequent use is. For this purpose, we use, among other things, dummy programming, usage scenarios and personas in order to create the most realistic possible depiction of the reality of use.

Laboratory technology design: Very special standards apply to research in the laboratory - whether in the areas of safety, precision or hygiene. We are aware of this and consider these standards in the field of laboratory technology for medical technology design for Erlangen.

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Are you interested in a partnership in the field of industrial design or medical design for Erlangen? Then start your inquiry today and contact us at our office in Hamburg. We would be happy to advise you personally and without obligation and are also there for you if you have any questions or feedback. We look forward to your inquiry.