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Zurich – most people think of a charming Swiss metropolis that promises true quality of life on Lake Zurich. The cosmopolitan city is known for its art and opera house, above all, for its wide range of cultural activities and that is why it is so popular with tourists. But Zurich does not only live from tourism or the banking and finance industry, the industrial trade is also still a strong branch of the economy.

If you are also active with your company in the industrial sector, working in particular with medical and laboratory equipment and have a need for industrial design in Zurich, Held+Team from Hamburg is the ideal contact for you. We have been supporting our customers in the field of medical design in Zurich for over 10 years. As a result, we have accumulated extensive know-how that we integrate into our various services relating to industrial design for Zurich. In the following we would like to introduce them to you and thus bring you closer to Held+Team based in Hamburg and our services.

Services of Held+Team

With its services in the field of industrial design for Zurich, our design office in Hamburg has specialized primarily in the design of medical and laboratory products. You can find out what services our offer includes in the following:

Industrial design: For medical and laboratory products, we support you as an experienced partner for industrial design in Zurich in the realization of your product. In addition to the appealing interface and the functional packaging, we pay particular attention to a distinctive and customer-oriented usability.

Packaging and labeling: In the packaging and labeling service area for industrial design for Zurich, we at Held+Team rely on understandable labeling that is of the highest communicative relevance, especially in a medical context. On the other hand, we take into account the necessary degree of uniformity in order to strengthen the recognition value of your products and thus of your entire company.

Graphical User Interface: With the Graphical User Interface as part of the industrial design for Zurich, the goal is to enable easily accessible operation of machines, applications and programs. Held+Team combines a visually contemporary design and the guarantee of an intuitive, safe and error-free application for the user.

Corporate product design: as already mentioned in the packaging and labeling section, we also ensure that all of a company's products that appear on the market under one brand have a high recognition value when it comes to our industrial design for Zurich. Together with our competent team, a catalog of features will be developed for your products in order to achieve a uniform appearance and thus make a major contribution to effective branding.

Analysis and strategy: we at Held+Team are aware that the complex requirements for new products and interfaces in industrial design for Zurich require a high level of analytical and strategic competence. Through direct advice following usability tests and examinations of user-friendliness in various hospitals or laboratories, we can not only carry out product-oriented research directly on the market, but also guarantee you transparent and, above all, timely achievement of your project goals through our mature, strategic approach.

Ergonomics and usability: taking into account various practical situations, we optimize your products in terms of industrial design for Zurich so that they meet all user requirements at all times. We guarantee you excellent and user-oriented handling of your products in the medical and laboratory sectors.

Laboratory technology design: Especially in the laboratory, the products from the field of industrial design for Zurich have to meet very specific requirements. Among other things, we do justice to this through a focused orientation towards the greatest possible degree of safety, hygiene and precision in design.

Interested? Then let us advise you today on industrial design for Zurich

If you are interested in working with Held+Team on industrial design in Zurich, do not hesitate and contact us at our office in Hamburg without obligation. Our competent team will be happy to advise you and looks forward to your inquiry.