What even is medical design?

Product design for medical products and equipment - medical design - is a complex and demanding discipline that requires a great deal of experience and expertise in a wide variety of sub-disciplines. In the following, we would like to explain to you which services fall within the field of medical design, in which areas we are active in medical technology design and how we can best support you in the various disciplines of medical technology design. You can find out all this and much more below at Held+Team, your partner for medical design.

held+team | What even is medical design?

Medical design with a holistic approach

In order to create a holistic concept in medical design, we work closely with you in dialogue from the conception to the execution of the design. In our work in medical design, we complement your experience from daily work in your respective medical work area with our many years of expertise in the field of medical design. In the following, we would like to show you what is particularly important to us and which factors play a special role in medical design.

These areas are covered by our design agency

As already described, medical design represents an enormously complex field of activity with different sub-disciplines, all of which require special know-how and special competence. The fields of activity of an agency for medical design include the following services at Held+Team:

Industrial design

When medical design is about designing products for industrial production, a wide variety of factors must be taken into account in order to create an ideal product and ensure efficient and high-quality production. As a partner in medical design and industrial design, we have extensive experience in this area.

Packaging and labeling

In medical design, the packaging and labeling of medical products is of great importance. This is particularly relevant for the problem-free use of the later product and decides, among other things, on the approval of the design in the discipline of medical design.

held+team | What even is medical design?

Graphical user interface:

Graphic user interfaces play a major role in many product designs in the field of medical design. When developing GUIs, we already take into account the later application context in the design process and in medical design in order to guarantee complication-free usability and UX of the later product and to combine this with a contemporary and future-oriented design.

held+team | What even is medical design?

Corporate product design:

While user-friendliness and the usability approach are in the foreground in medical design, both can be combined with a coherent CPD, which ensures a high brand recognition value and a consistent visual language of the portfolio already in the medical design process. Together we create a unique corporate product design in medical design.

held+team | What even is medical design?

Analysis and strategy:

Work in the field of medical design can only be built on a sound knowledge base. For this reason, we work in the area of ​​analysis and strategy development in medical design close to the everyday practice of users in hospitals, medical practices and laboratories.

Ergonomics and usability

One of the most important factors in medical design is usability and ergonomics. This describes the user-friendliness of a medical design, which must be maintained even under the most adverse circumstances of everyday medical work or in laboratories.

held+team | What even is medical design?

UX for medical devices:

The range of medical design services is rounded off by user experience - UX. In this work area of ​​medical design, we devote ourselves to the optimal user experience of users and user groups in the interaction with a medical product, laboratory product or product system.

Get advice on medical design now

As an experienced partner in the field of medical design, we have expertise from over 25 years of company history, which we are happy to mobilize for you and your next project. Together with you, we develop tailor-made designs in the field of medical design, which correspond exactly to the requirements of practical use. We supplement your individual experience in the respective field of medicine with our holistic experience in the field of medical design. Contact us and let us advise you personally on medical design. We look forward to your inquiry.

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