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Research and Strategy


An important factor in medical design is the knowledge base upon which the design process is built. In order to make this knowledge as broad and practical as possible during product development, the design office of Held+Team acts in the field of UX medical design consulting. Together with you, we support product development in medical technology, which we build on both our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from daily work in hospitals and practices. Our UX medical technology consulting aims to always create the most user-friendly solutions possible, which are characterized by excellent usability. Find out more about UX medical technology consulting and UX medical design consulting at Held+Team below.

Product development for medical technology

Our structured work enables successful product development. That means for you:

  • direct consultation following usability tests
  • internationally active
  • we have been and are in different hospitals around the world
  • we analyze the market with a clear product orientation
  • you get fast results through precise execution

To get feedback on our preliminary results it is helpful to interview users after hands-on product tests. We have done this to get initial results quickly and easily (extensive general user tests are not conducted by our office directly but we work as a consultant for the testing companies). We do this internationally – e.g. in hospitals/laboratories in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, and all over Europe.

held+team | Research and Strategy

Consult our UX support to advance your design

As UX medical technology consultants, we are happy to mobilize our many years of experience in the field of medical technology design to advise you. Regardless of whether you are interested in one of our services or would like to design your medical technology design from scratch with our support. Our competent team will be happy to guide you and advise you comprehensively. If you are interested in analysis and strategy development with Held+Team in UX medical technology consulting, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.