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The stock exchange city of Frankfurt can be recognized from afar by its skyline. The skyscrapers of the state capital of Hesse overshadow the cityscape and give an idea from afar of the importance of Frankfurt as an economic center. As a major financial center and home of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main is best known as a city of banks and for its financial sector, but other industries and businesses are also located in and around FFM.

If your business is based in Frankfurt am Main and you need support in the field of medical technology design or industrial design, you have come to the right place at Held+Team from Hamburg. As an experienced partner in the field of industrial design for Frankfurt, we have a high level of expertise in product design for Frankfurt and are happy to make it available to you. Find out more about our services in the field of medical technology design for Frankfurt from our office in Hamburg.

Our design agency for industrial design for Frankfurt am Main

Industrial design for Frankfurt is an enormously complex discipline that includes a wide variety of services. You can find out what is involved in industrial design for Frankfurt and what services we provide in the following:

Industrial design: In the field of industrial design for Frankfurt am Main, there are very special demands on the product and developer. In order to do justice to these, we are happy to mobilize the experience of over 20 years of company history for you.

Packaging and labeling: The packaging and labeling are particularly important in medical design for Frankfurt. This does not primarily serve to attract the attention of customers, but communicates important information about the product and its contents, which is also of essential importance for the approval of the product.

Graphical user interface: Digitization also plays a major role in industrial design for Frankfurt: More and more products are being equipped with a graphic user interface, which has to be designed in terms of user-friendly functionality. As an expert for graphic user interface design for Frankfurt, we support you in this.

Corporate product design: While the usability character of products is of course in the foreground in medical design for Frankfurt, this does not mean that a unique corporate product design cannot be implemented in medical technology design for Frankfurt. Our design experts combine excellent usability with a unique CPD with a high recognition value.

Analysis and strategy: The basis for the industrial and medical technology design for Frankfurt is an extensive knowledge base. In order to always be up to date with regard to this, we research with our customers where products of medical technology design for Frankfurt are used - in hospitals and laboratories, directly at the user's site.

Ergonomics and usability: The aspects of ergonomics and usability are of particular importance in industrial design for Frankfurt, where the aim is to create a particularly user-friendly product. In order to achieve this, we work at Medical Design for Frankfurt in the area of ​​usability and ergonomics with usage scenarios, personas and dummy programming.

Laboratory technology design: Laboratory research places very special demands on the product and design. Our team has recognized this and already takes the special demands of research into account in the design process for the industrial design for Frankfurt.

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Are you interested in a partnership in the field of industrial design or medical design for Frankfurt? Then start your inquiry immediately and contact us at our office in Hamburg. We would be happy to advise you personally without obligation. If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always available from Hamburg. We look forward to your inquiry.