Rehab Design for your rehabilitation equipment with Held+Team

In rehabilitation facilities the pinnacle of technology plays a big part. Concerning the products, the correct rehab design is important in order to enable the best possible therapy. You should rely on rehab design partners who have many years of experience in this area. Only with experts is it possible to develop a rehabilitation design for training equipment that is optimally geared to the application in terms of usability, ergonomics, interface design and product design. Of course, all of this also has an effect on the success of the treatment.

With us, Held+Team, you have found a partner who has been active in this field for 25 years and has implemented countless projects. Whether it's industrial design, medical design, corporate product design, usability development, interface design, packaging design or labeling - everything is developed by experts and coordinated with you. With us, you have a team of professionals at hand that is aware of the regulations and standards and will perfect your product down to the smallest detail.

From planning to production - rehab product design by professionals

At Held+Team you are in good hands for everything to do with rehabilitation design. Whether small or large rehabilitation devices, in large or small quantities - we develop suitable solutions using our extensive experience in medical product design. Starting off you will receive comprehensive advice in which we determine which of our services we can best support you with.

Usability is the linchpin of all our work. Only if good solutions are found here, can a rehabilitation product be used easily and intuitively. The result of our work is that a user can quickly get to grips with the ergonomically designed product. An easy-to-understand operating manual should not be missing either. In a transparent cooperation, we will be happy to explain all the steps necessary for successful rehab design and coordinate them with you.

held+team | Rehab Design for your rehabilitation equipment with Held+Team

Packaging and labeling as a part of rehab design

Rehab design does not only consist of a product. We approach our work holistically and also support you in the design of a packaging concept as well as the compilation of all important information about use and contents. The packaging should be aesthetic, memorable and individually designed. If the packaging is designed in a striking and exciting way, it is much more likely to be remembered by customers. It's the first step in establishing a brand. In a best case scenario, your packaging will be remembered positively and customers will be happy to use it again and again.

Our employees have the know-how to optimally implement not only rehab design, but also corporate product design for your product and its packaging. This way, you will receive a comprehensive concept from us, making the end result feel to your customers like it was made from one piece.

Make an inquiry for rehab design at Held & Team

Should you be interested in working with our professional team, simply contact us conveniently by e-mail or telephone. We are happe to get to know you without obligation, offer you optimal and comprehensive advice on the subject of rehab design and ultimately actively support your project. Our medical product design professionals are already looking forward to hearing from you.

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