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Graphical user interface development as part of digitalization


In times of digitalization, the graphical user interface development is becoming increasingly important and nowadays it is simply impossible to imagine the medical context without it. The term graphical user interface development (GUI development) refers to the design of graphical user interfaces that can be used to operate both simple and complex medical products and equipment. Here, the most diverse factors must be taken into account, so that nothing stands in the way of the later use of the product in everyday practice. If you are interested in graphical user interface development, Held+Team is the right address for you. As a GUI design agency, we have many years of experience in the conception and execution of GUI designs. Learn more about our work as an graphical user interface development agency and how we push the aspect of usability in interface design.

Graphical user interface development at Held + Team

We are one of Europe's leading design agencies specializing in medical and laboratory technology. From the idea to the realization we have accompanied more than 500 products to the market. In more than 20 years of company history, we have been able to constantly expand our range of services and support product developments in the areas of industrial design, graphical user interface development, corporate product design, packaging and labeling, as well as usability and product strategy.

Graphical user interface development – for various applications

We live in the age of digitalization: Hardly any area of society, activity or activity can still do without the use of digital technology and suitable applications. Digital systems, applications and the necessary software also play an immensely important role in B2B. But who develops and designs the software that precisely fulfills the task assigned to it, is user-friendly and causes no problems in use? Well, from a competent interface design office - more precisely - from Held + Team! Learn more about our activities as an graphical user interface development office, the tasks of interface design and which services we can provide for you.

held+team | Graphical User Interface

Graphical user interface development - From the problem to the concept to the solution

Graphical user interface development usually starts with a problem, a task or a process that is to be modeled, simplified or even completely automated with the help of digital software. Thus, the beginning of graphical user interface development usually consists of a dialogical briefing between potential users, clients, stakeholders and developers to create a clear outline of the problem situation in graphical user interface development.

In the process of graphical user interface development, possible use scenarios are first worked out, which in combination with personas - the potential users - are developed for the conception of the graphical user interface development. For this purpose, we create so-called flow charts, which record all basic work and usage sequences and help you and us to arrange functions and user interfaces in a meaningful way. As a result of these flow charts, so-called click dummies are used in the further implementation of the graphical user interface development. These simulate the later software solution. Together with potential users, use scenarios are run through in order to identify and rule out possible problems or inconveniences in later use. The final step of the graphical user interface development consists of the elaboration of the skin design, which serves to give the final touch to the user-friendliness and suitability for everyday use. The appearance is of course developed in accordance with the graphical user interface development specifications and thus receives its contemporary appearance. Subsequently, we hand over comprehensive specifications from Adobe XD, among others, to the software developers and accompany their work until the final product.

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As a graphic user interface design agency, we have many years of experience in the design of interfaces for medical devices and equipment. We are happy to mobilize this know-how for you and develop design solutions in the GUI area together with you.
Do you need support in the area of ​​interface design or would you like advice on usability? Then don't hesitate any longer and contact us. Due to our many years of experience in the field of interface design, we can offer you competent and goal-oriented solutions that will inspire both you and the users of your software. Contact us now and let us advise you personally and without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry.