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High up in the north of the republic is Bremen, a city that, as a city state, also has its own federal state. When you think of Bremen, the first thing that comes to mind is the Weser, the Backfisch or the town hall with the world-famous Bremen Town Musicians. However, Bremen is also home to a thriving industry with many globally active companies.

If you work with your company in Bremen in an industry in which you work with industrially manufactured medical and laboratory equipment and need support in the field of industrial design for Bremen, you have come to the right place at Held+Team. Our company, which has existed in Hamburg since 1997 and operates from Hamburg, is the partner in the field of industrial design for Bremen. Find out below what services we can provide you in the product design sector for Bremen and in the industrial and medical design sectors and how you can use them in a targeted manner.

These are our services in industrial design for Bremen

We can offer you various services in the field of industrial design for Bremen. You can find out which services these are in the case of product design for Bremen below:

Industrial design: A very special know-how is required when designing and designing products for industrial production. As a partner in the field of industrial design for Bremen, we combine design and usability into unique designs that can withstand the sometimes hectic everyday life in the clinic, in the laboratory or in research.

Packaging and labeling: In industrial design for Bremen, packaging and labeling not only fulfill an optical function. Because when designing products for Bremen, we are always aware that packaging and labeling have an important communicative function in a medical context: For example, they provide information about the content, the number or the expiry date of the product.

Graphical User Interface: The usability of products is one of the most important factors in product design for Bremen. In our digitized times, this stands or falls with the quality of the graphical user interface. In the course of the industrial design for Bremen, we create individual and order-specific user interfaces that make operation easier.

Corporate product design: While the usability approach is clearly in the foreground in industrial design for Bremen, optical components that contribute to branding must not be neglected under any circumstances. We at Held+Team create a unique hybrid of practical usability and branding.

Analysis and strategy: Requirements for medical product design and industrial design for Bremen are immensely high - regardless of whether they are normative or approval-related requirements. We at Held+Team support you with direct advice after usability tests and the examination of user-friendliness for our customers in various hospitals in order to conduct product-oriented research on the market.

Ergonomics and usability: Ergonomics and usability must be taken into account in the industrial design for Bremen so that every move is correct in practice. We take personas and a wide variety of practical situations into account during the design phase in order to guarantee excellent handling in practice.

Laboratory technology design: Very special requirements for products from the field of industrial design for Bremen apply above all in the laboratory. In order to meet these, our services in the field of laboratory technology design guarantee the greatest possible degree of safety, hygiene and precision

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