Pharma design by Held+Team – holistic concept

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is highly important to design and launch a product optimally from A to Z. Held+Team specializes in pharmaceutical design, among other things, and ensures a holistic concept. From designing the packaging to brand awareness, everything comes from a single source.

Pharmaceutical products are always subject to certain pharmaceutical design requirements. We are the experts with many years of experience. You benefit from this across the board. We are very familiar with pharmaceutical design and will carry out your project to your complete satisfaction. Our team has been active in the field of industrial design for more than 25 years and has already satisfied many clients.

Always adhering to the latest standards in pharmaceutical design

In the pharmaceutical industry there are always new specifications and particularities. They are all to be considered when it comes to pharmaceutical design. Since we are specialists, you can rest assured that everything will run properly and that the products, including the packaging, will be designed and produced to the latest standards.

We at Held+Team coordinate with you very precisely, for everything to ultimately be implemented to your complete satisfaction. Among other things, we also provide analysis and strategy for the products. Since we are always in contact with you, various changes can easily be made if necessary.

Packaging and labeling - relevant for pharmaceutical design

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, packaging and labeling are particularly important. Among other things, the various ingredients, effects and side effects must be shown. For everything to run correctly, know-how is necessary. With us as your partner, you have found exactly the right company for pharmaceutical design. After all, we have many years of experience in this area.

held+team | Pharma design by Held+Team – holistic concept

Devices for the pharmaceutical industry - the importance of pharma industrial design

However, an optimal pharmaceutical design is not only required for pills and similar products. The necessary equipment is also part of design for the pharmaceutical industry. Our team designs the various pharmaceutical devices for you, prepares analyses and ensures optimal packaging and labelling. We offer everything concerning pharmaceutical design from a single source. You can therefor rest assured, placing pharmaceutical design in our hands. You no longer need to worry about these tasks.

Contact Held+Team and make an inquiry

You would like to have our team implement your pharmaceutical design or find out more about our company first? Simply contact our team by email or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to advise you personally, without obligation. This way we can discuss all the details, in order to find an optimal solution for your request.

Contacting us is so quick and easy that you will get the information you need within a short time. If you have decided to get us on board as a partner, we will discuss the project with you in detail. Thanks to smooth communication, everything will be to your complete satisfaction. We are already looking forward to your pharmaceutical design project.

You can find out more about our services on our website.

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