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Packaging and labeling


Packaging design in medicine plays a very special role in several respects. Not only does it have the task of providing the customer or end user with a visual point of reference with a high recognition value, but the packaging design in medical technology also serves to communicate important information about the content, mode of action as well as the use of medicines or medical equipment and devices. For this reason, packaging design in the field of medical technology requires a very special know-how in order not only to fulfill these two aspects, but to combine them into a holistic packaging design. As an agency for packaging design in the field of medicine and medical technology, we at Held+Team can look back on many years of experience and are happy to mobilize this know-how for you and your design projects.

What's important for a solid brand appearance

In order to also optimally represent your brand on the packaging, we develop a user-orientated packaging layout for you, which combines the requirements in the best possible way.

  • Hierarchical structuring and sorting of the user information on the packaging
  • Development of end-to-end package layouts - even for complex product ranges - to enable the best possible brand
  • Delivery of printable data
  • Development of colour coding concepts
  • Design of icons, vector graphics, or even style and tone for photos
  • Perceived value studies
  • Sustainability studies to reduce material costs and complexity
  • Progress of handling concepts/usability for the packaging use (opening mechanisms, removal, dispenser function, etc.)

held+team | Packaging and Labeling

Many products are made available in hospitals as a sterile disposable item, so it is very important that the user selects the right product for his specific application. The packaging of medical technology is an important means to avoid operating/handling errors. Here, a clear information hierarchy and unambiguous information play an essential role - in the final analysis, once again a question of good ergo­nomics/usability. As a matter of course, we integrate the results of such development in CPD guidelines. Get in touch with us today, to get your packaging project started!