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Industrial design for Stuttgart in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg

When you think of Stuttgart, you automatically think of a flourishing economy: not least because the state capital of Baden-Württemberg is home to two large and prestigious car manufacturers, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. But even beyond four-wheeled vehicles, Stuttgart has a diversified and flourishing economy with many small, medium-sized and large companies.

If you work in your company with industrially manufactured products from the field of medical and laboratory technology or produce them, you have come to the right place with Held+Team from Hamburg. We are there for you as a competent partner in matters of industrial design for Stuttgart and implement medical and laboratory designs in a unique and individual way from our office in Hamburg. Find out more about the industrial design and product design for Stuttgart below.

These are our services

Our industrial design for Stuttgart combines many skills and services into a unique overall package that fully meets both the high demands of everyday use and the applicable approval restrictions. In the following, you can find out which aspects and services we pay particular attention to in the field of industrial design for Stuttgart:

Industrial design: In the field of industrial design for Stuttgart, you have a competent partner at your side with Held+Team. We mobilize our know-how from over 20 years of company history for your orders and thus create unique designs, which can equally convince with enormous usability and a unique optical design and a high recognition value.

Packaging and labeling: When it comes to industrial design for Stuttgart, special attention is paid to packaging and labeling in the medical field. While in conventional product design for Stuttgart the packaging often has a purely visual function with branding character, in medical industrial design for Stuttgart it communicates much more. A glance at the package must make it clear what the contents are, how large the number of items is or how long they can be kept. This is not only particularly important for smooth everyday operations, but also for the approval of the product.

Graphical User Interface: Nowadays, digitization determines the entire (working) life - This is also reflected in the industrial design for Stuttgart: Many of our design products from the field of medicine or laboratory technology have a digital user interface, which we professionally designed for the demands of the user.

Corporate product design: While the usability character is clearly the top priority in industrial design for Stuttgart, this does not mean that the visual recognition value has to suffer as a result. We at Held+Team know how to combine a unique corporate design with outstanding usability when it comes to industrial design for Stuttgart.

Analysis and strategy: As described above, the requirements for medical product design are immensely high - regardless of whether they are normative or approval-related requirements. We at Held+Team support you with direct advice after usability tests and the investigation of user-friendliness for our customers in various hospitals in order to carry out product-oriented research on the market.

Ergonomics and usability: In everyday medical practice, every movement counts – so that this can be done precisely and easily, the foundation stone must already be laid during the industrial design for Stuttgart. In order to deliver the best possible ergonomics and the greatest possible usability, we use personas, practical usage scenarios and dummy programming in the design process for the industrial design for Stuttgart.

Laboratory technology design: In order to do justice to the special conditions in the laboratory and in research, important foundations have to be laid in industrial design for Stuttgart. With laboratory equipment, for example, only the highest level of safety, precision and hygiene can deliver a satisfactory result.

Medical and laboratory Industrial design for Stuttgart
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Industrial design for Stuttgart provides many different tasks and requirements that need to be fulfilled and reconciled. This can only be done with a competent and experienced partner. We at Held+Team can look back on more than 20 years of company history in the field of industrial design for Stuttgart and have the necessary know-how to meet your design requirements. Have we piqued your interest? Then contact our office in Hamburg today and let us advise you comprehensively and personally on our range of industrial design for Stuttgart. We look forward to your inquiry.