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The city of Lübeck, located in Schleswig-Holstein, is characterized by a past steeped in history: the influence of the Brick Gothic style is still very present in the cityscape and in the many sights and allows us to look back on the amazing and exciting history of the city of almost 220,000 inhabitants. But the city of Lübeck has by no means missed the connection to the modern: In addition to various shops and sights, Lübeck is also surrounded by a flourishing industry with many sustainable branches and companies.

If you are active with your company in Lübeck and need support in the field of product design for Lübeck you are at the right address at Held+Team from Hamburg: As a partner for medical technology design, we can look back on a long and successful company history and more than 20 years of existence in our office in Hamburg. We are happy to activate this experience for your projects and design plans. Find out what this includes in detail below at Held+Team.

Our design agency for industrial design for Lübeck

Our office for product design for Lübeck specializes in the areas of medical design and industrial design. Below you can find out in detail what these areas of product design encompass and which services we would be happy to provide for you in our specialist field.

Industrial design: Industrial design describes the design process for products that are later to be manufactured in industrial series production. This requires a certain know-how to optimize the design process to create the best possible product. We are happy to mobilize our many years of experience for your projects.

Packaging and labelling: In the field of medical design for Lübeck, packaging and labeling are of particular importance. In the case of medical products, these have the important function of providing information about the contents and properties of the product. This includes, for example, the filling quantity or ingredients. This aspect of medical product design is particularly important for Lübeck, since packaging in a medical context must communicate the most important information about the content at first glance - not least because of this, packaging and labeling are also of great importance for the approval of a product.

Graphical user interface: Digitization is no longer a blank slate in our design office for Lübeck. Many products today already have a graphical user interface that needs to be adapted as best as possible to the needs of the user. For example, we use graphical symbols, controls or widgets in the GUI design in the field of industrial design for Lübeck in order to achieve excellent usability of the product, close to the practical context.

Corporate product design: When it comes to industrial design for Lübeck, user-friendliness and usability are clearly the top priorities. However, this does not mean that user-friendliness cannot go hand in hand with a highly recognizable corporate product design. The experts in our design office for Lübeck know how to reconcile these two aspects in a harmonious symbiosis.

Analysis and strategy: The medical design for Lübeck must always be based on the requirements and challenges of practice - we know that and always pay attention to this in the analysis and strategy development for Lübeck. We conduct research directly on the object, for example in clinics or laboratories, in order to always meet the demands of practice.

Ergonomics and usability: User-friendliness is a top priority in medical technology design for Lübeck. Only a user-friendly product that meets the needs of the end user can convince in practice. For this reason, we use dummy programming, usage scenarios and personas when optimizing ergonomics and usability in industrial design for Lübeck in order to create the most realistic possible image of the reality of use.

Laboratory Technology Design: Although precision, safety and accuracy are already very important in medical applications, they are even more important in laboratory technology. Based on years of experience, we understand the laboratory research methods and take them into account in the laboratory technology design for Lübeck.

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Are you interested in a partnership in the field of industrial design or medical design for Lübeck? Then start your inquiry today and contact us at our office in Hamburg. We would be happy to advise you personally and without obligation from Hamburg and are also there for you if you have any questions or feedback. We look forward to your inquiry.