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Düsseldorf is known as one of the most expensive and luxurious cities in Germany. Boutiques and luxury shops line the famous Königsallee in Düsseldorf, and Benrath Palace, built in the 18th century, shines over the city on the Rhine. But Düsseldorf is not only known for its sights and tourism: Düsseldorf is also of great importance as a business location.

If your company is active in the field of medical technology or you need support in the field of industrial design in Düsseldorf, Held+Team from Hamburg is your partner. Based on our many years of experience in the field of medical technology, we support you from our office in Hamburg competently and purposefully and put your design ideas into practice. You can find out what that means in detail below.

Our design agency for Düsseldorf - Services

Our design office for Düsseldorf specializes in the areas of medical technology design and industrial design. In the following, we explain in detail which services fall into these categories and which services we provide as a design office for Düsseldorf.

Industrial design: When designing medical and industrial products, it is important to combine the most diverse aspects into a unique and functional design. We are happy to mobilize our experience from over 20 years of company history

Packaging and labeling: When it comes to packaging and labeling in medical product design for Düsseldorf, not only the visual impression is important. In a medical context, packaging must communicate much more factual information that is important for use. As a partner for packaging design for Düsseldorf, we take care of a practical and approval-compliant packaging design.

Graphical user interface: Digitization is a phenomenon that has also been setting the tone in industrial design for Düsseldorf for several years. Our design office for Düsseldorf is always careful to consider all aspects of GUI design in industrial design, so that problem-free use in practice is possible.

Corporate product design: While the usability approach clearly dominates industrial design for Düsseldorf, the aspect of a unique corporate design with a high recognition value should not be neglected. Our competent team in the field of product design for Düsseldorf knows better than almost anyone how to combine the usability approach with a unique corporate design in order to achieve a high recognition value for your company.

Analysis and strategy: The basis of a good industrial design for Düsseldorf is a fundamental analysis and strategy planning, so that the design of the later product can precisely fulfill its function. We would be happy to support you with market analysis and strategic planning through research directly at the later location.

Ergonomics and usability: Ergonomics and usability are also of great importance in order to guarantee that the products of industrial design in Düsseldorf are used as satisfactorily as possible. In order to be able to guarantee this, we work in the field of industrial design for Düsseldorf with personas, dummy programming and practical usage scenarios.

Laboratory technology design: While precision and accuracy are already of great importance in the medical context of industrial design for Düsseldorf, this aspect is far more important in research in the laboratory. For this reason, we guarantee the highest quality standards in our work in the field of laboratory technology design for Düsseldorf.

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Have we aroused your interest and would you like to collaborate with us in the field of industrial design for Düsseldorf? Then do not hesitate any longer and contact our office in Hamburg with your request. Our friendly and competent team in Hamburg is at your disposal and will take care of your inquiries and queries. We look forward to it!