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Formative Evaluation


Do you want to launch a new medical device or revise an existing one? Do you also want to take the opportunity to find out what your users need and how you can improve the user experience of your product? Then we can support you with our expertise in the field of formative evaluation and user experience.

A formative evaluation means carrying out representative tasks from "real" users to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the use of your medical device. Formative evaluation is often equated with a usability test, but includes many more methods. In addition to the usability test, which is carried out with representative users, the procedures of cognitive walkthrough, interviews or questionnaires can also be used. With our help and these methods from formative evaluation, you can find out whether the product meets the needs of the user or whether there is still potential that needs to be capitalized on.

Usability Tests in the development process

Formative evaluations should be carried out as early as possible in the development of a medical device. They show you potential for improvement in the user experience and prepare you for the summative evaluation that is required for the approval of a medical device.

The usability test is the gold standard and offers many advantages. A well thought-out operation of your medical device can increase sales, create customer loyalty and reduce the need for expensive support. On top of that, easy-to-use medical devices make users more productive and satisfied, while reducing the need for training sessions.

This is what Held+Team offers in UX

We will help you carry out formative evaluations in the form of usability tests or co-creation workshops, for example, in order to identify possible use errors at an early stage. This reduces the risk of only detecting serious errors during a summative test and can thus save valuable time in product development by avoiding additional iterations. We support you in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the formative evaluations. As part of a UX research we would be happy to explore with you, who your users are and what their context of use actually looks like. We test medical products in various stages of development. Whether as a basic prototype, functional model, production-like or market-ready product. Thanks to our experience in the design and development of medical products, we are happy to support you in the production of the prototypes to be tested if required. Contact us!