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In the field of medicine, chemistry or pharmacy, there are very special conditions and requirements at the workplace. When working in the laboratory, an extremely high standard in terms of safety, hygiene and cleanliness must be observed, so only work without complications can lead to first-class results. But how do you create such ideal laboratory conditions? This is a question that we ask ourselves very often when designing laboratory products: The answer: With suitable and adequate technology! In many cases, however, laboratory technology must be specially adapted to the needs and conditions in the specific field of activity. That's where we come in: Held+Team is your partner for laboratory technology design with many years of experience and the necessary know-how. Find out more about our work in laboratory technology design below and how you can benefit from our experience in the field of laboratory design.

held+team | Research and design - Laboratory equipment technology

Labortory technology design
– For precision and safety

The laboratory technology design consists of two components: laboratory technology and design. The laboratory technology design represents the process of conception and design of laboratory technology: Laboratory technology is understood to mean special pieces of equipment and special equipment for laboratory work. This includes special working and measuring devices, items for one-time use, but also much more. Laboratory technology product design or laboratory technology industrial design must take into account unique properties for each product. In the field of laboratory technology design, we pay particular attention to ergonomics and usability - to clear and user-friendly labeling and interface design, for a flawless and effective work and research process to be guaranteed.

We support you with the planning and conception of laboratory technology

As a partner for laboratory design, we support you and your company in the planning and conception of laboratory technology and in laboratory technology product design. The first step when working in the field of laboratory technology design is therefore a dialogical briefing between you, the client and us as laboratory technology designers. User observation and continuous comparison of solutions with user requirements result in the process with you in the end the better product - one that is formal how functionally convincing and thus convincing on the market.

The design will be transferred to the final product in the further course of the process with your development department. We are happy to support you with our expertise in casing development. Use our extensive experience in the design of medical and laboratory technology products to develop real innovations.

Laboratory technology in product design
– special requirements for exceptional results

The subsequent application context plays a decisive role in laboratory technology product design and laboratory technology industrial design. In order for the instruments created in the laboratory technology product design to fully meet their later application area, it is absolutely necessary to consider the requirements for them in advance to achieve the best possible result in the laboratory technology industrial design and to meet the needs of the users in the best possible way. For this purpose, we rely on close and regular communication as well as feedback loops with users of the instruments in all steps of the creation of the laboratory technology product design in order to record all relevant and special properties of the laboratory technology equipment to be developed. For example, measuring ranges, sensitivities, options for setting product properties that are influenced by the external conditions of the application can be adapted to your professional needs in such a way that the expectations of the instrument are met in the best possible way.

held+team | Research and design - Laboratory equipment technology

Inquire for your laboratory technology design now

Do you need the support of our laboratory technology agency with laboratory device design? Then don't hesitate any longer and contact us. Held+Team is your partner for laboratory equipment design with over 20 years of company history. We accompany you in the field of laboratory technology product design over the entire path from the first idea to the finished laboratory technology industrial design for series production. Regardless of whether your inquiry is about small and handy equipment or large built-in devices, we at Held+Team support you in the design of your laboratory devices with tailor-made and durable solutions. Let us advise you in the course of a personal and non-binding discussion. Our friendly and competent team looks forward to your inquiry.

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