Wir unterstützen Start-ups

We support start-ups with our experience in medical design. Especially in this complex field it's important to have a partner, who supports you individually and can rely on years of international experience.

LIME medical GmbH

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LIME medical GmbH is a start-up from Mainz.
The company, which was founded by Pascal Lindemann and Dominic Libanio, develops innovative rehabilitation robotics.

We have been supporting the young start-up since 2017 in the development of the AnyHand therapy device.
Their device is set to be used for physiotherapy and to help patients who suffer from physical limitations after an accident or a stroke to regain their manual dexterity by working with the rehabilitation robot.


Reactive Robotics GmbH

held+team | We support start-ups

The Munich-based company Reactive Robotics GmbH develops intelligent assistance robots that enable fast and safe mobilization therapy for intensive care patients.
The VEMO therapy device can be connected directly to the hospital bed, so the patient can start therapy shortly after admission to the clinic. Since therapy is brought to the patient's bed, the patient does not have to be transferred to a separate device - a unique advantage in terms of usability and user safety. In addition, the therapy robot relieves the staff through easier handling.
We have been developing concepts together since 2016, starting from the first considerations of usability up to pre-constructive approaches. The focus on design quality is just as much a given as the close cooperation with development partners during construction.



held+team | We support start-ups

We have been supporting SURGITENT GmbH with our services since 2016 and have, together with the managing director Dr. Michael Ahrens, developed innovative concepts and designs.
Developed by orthopedic and spinal surgeon Dr. Ahrens, SURGITENT is a closed, sterile isolation system (glove box) for single use, which can be fastened quickly and tightly to the patient's body. SURGITENT technology can be used for a variety of different surgeries. It is equally attractive to both higher and lower income markets and is particularly suited for use cases outside of the regular operating room or regular hospital. In addition, SURGITENT can reduce Surgical Site Infections (SSI).