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CSU ModuEvo

ModuEvo is a modular ceiling mount for use in operating rooms and intensive care units. Various sizes of support arms and distributors enable optimal adaptation to spatial conditions and system requirements.

The unique interface rail with an integrated bus system offers the possibility of adding attachments, supplying them with energy and integrating data into the hospital IT system (e.g. vital data). The handles are equipped with an innovative touch-to-move technology, which releases all brakes when touched, allowing intuitive operation. The cables from the devices on the front can be brought directly to the rear through a center channel and are therefore not in the way of the front connectors and instruments.

ModuEvo is optionally available in different colors and can thus be optimally adapted to the interior design of the hospital. A pleasant lighting atmosphere can be created using ambient light and indirect light above the support arms and under the distributors.

The design is based on the corporate product design defined by Held+Team.


Maquet GmbH & Co.KG

Industrial Design
Ergonomics and Usability



Ceiling supply unit


German Design Award, Good Design Award

held+team | CSU ModuEvo
held+team | CSU ModuEvo
held+team | CSU ModuEvo

A main purpose of Maquet Moduevo is to optimize the quality of care for the benefit of the patient. Particularly in the intensive care unit, the patient must not be subjected to e.g. operating noise from medical devices.

For this reason, Maquet Moduevo offers various options for silent maneuvering of the support arm systems - such as an electromagnetic braking system - so that the patient is disturbed as little as possible. The optional LED lighting system creates a soft light, which also contributes to a calming therapy atmosphere.

held+team | CSU ModuEvo

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