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The iLED 7 is an innovative OR light, whicht automatically adapts to the working conditions in the operating room.

Even when the surgeon is working directly underneath the light, the sensor controlled assistance system of the iLED 7 ensures a well-illuminated site by activating individual LED segments / LED modules. The light intensity remains stable, which means that manual adjustment of the lamp is almost superfluous. The surgeon can fully concentrate on his work. Light quality and brightness of the iLED 7 remain constant at different working distances, color temperatures and light field sizes.


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held+team | iLED7
held+team | iLED7
held+team | iLED7

The automatic setting ensures a constant light-field size at typical working distances of 0.8 to 1.3 meters, with a choice of three light-field sizes. The lamp is prepared for use with HD cameras and is equipped with sterile handles. Operation is particularly easy thanks to the modular control concept. The basic functions of the iLED 7 can be operated directly on the lamp body or with an optional sterile handle.

For additional adjustments use either the mobile tablet or the wall control panel. The opening in the middle of the lamp body, the smooth transitions and the optimized size contribute to an optimal air flow. The slim design and the use of light materials contribute to the easy positioning of the lamp.

held+team | iLED7

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