held+team | ARC 400

ARC 400

HF generators are used in laparoscopic and open surgery for cutting and coagulating with electricity. Various innovations have been integrated: the simultaneous use of three instruments, automatic settings through RFID, touchscreen behind glass, animated settings, backlit and inclined sockets, inclined front - no cables in front of the display, mono-bipolar separated on the left and right side, easy to clean – no screws, joints and much more. ARC+ (Argon) can be connected to the ARC 400 for special applications. Development started in 2004 when capacitive touchscreens were very rare in the OR. The main goal was a menu with only one level and a graphical appearance that was as simple as possible. The result of this effort has since been highly praised by users.

The design is based on the corporate design defined by Held+Team.


Bowa electronic GmbH

Industrial Design



HF Generator


iF Design Award, Good Design Award

held+team | ARC 400

Until today this is the project that we have worked on the longest. Already in 2003 the design itself was finished for the most part.
In the end we developed the most advanced HF generator at the time, with a capacitive touchscreen, that is used like a smartphone with apps. Although this concept was already created bevor the release of the first iPhone.

held+team | ARC 400
held+team | ARC 400
held+team | ARC 400
held+team | ARC 400

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