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Maquet's innovative PowerLED II Surgical Light provides a targeted and bright light during surgery.
Thanks to the innovative technology, the surgeon is not blinded and the light can be directed in a targeted manner.

The surgical light can be operated directly on the light body or with the sterile handle. The slim design and the use of light materials contribute to the easy positioning of the lamp.

The diameter of the light field can be individually adjusted to the size of the surgical field and provides light exactly where it is needed.
The light can be specifically regulated by means of a display on the joint of the lamp.

Among other things, the light is equipped for use with an HD camera and the "Luminance Management Device" (LMD) function and the "Ambient light" function. The HD camera is required for the documentation. The LMD regulates the lighting that shines on the surgeon's eye and six different color temperatures can be set so that they are perfectly adjusted for the operation.

The Powerled II Surgical Light has a Comfort Light function, which creates a perfect working environment.


Maquet GmbH & Co. KG

Industrial Design
Ergonomics and Usability



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Red Dot Design Award

"Maquet's PowerLED II is very adaptable thanks to its vast feature scope. The harmonic radii give the light a distinctive character."

-Jury Red Dot Design Award

held+team | PowerLED II
held+team | PowerLED II

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