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OES Pro2

Resectoscopes are used for endoscopic, urological treatments of the prostate. It consists of five modules that can be dismantled and assembled in different ways. It is compatible with the last three generations (since 2000, until 2000 and until 1994!). The unique handling requires a thumb ring that fits optimally and without pressure points, since the instrument is held and guided with it. Therefore, the thumb ring - unique in this market - is available in two sizes. The grip wing has been optimized in such a way that fingers are reliably prevented from getting caught between the shaft and the grip.

The design is based on the corporate product design defined by Held+Team.


Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH

Industrial Design
Ergonomics and Usability





Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, Designpreis Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Good Design Award

held+team | OES Pro2
held+team | OES Pro2
held+team | OES Pro2
held+team | OES Pro2
held+team | OES Pro2

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