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The VEMO SYSTEM® solves the problem of carrying out early mobilization therapies for the severely affected in intensive care, using robotic therapy support.

The unique design of the VEMO SYSTEM® allows one person to perform early mobilization even with severely affected patients. This is possible because the patient does not have to be transferred to a separate therapy device.

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held+team | Vemo

Our VEMO SYSTEM® combines smooth adjustable verticalization with robot-aided leg movement therapy in a safe environment.

  • A unique feature is that patients can stay in their own bed and do not have to be transferred to separate devices.
  • Safe and efficient early mobilization of the patient – ​​the VEMO SYSTEM® relieves the nursing staff of their physically demanding work.
  • Early mobilization is part of the ABCDEF bundle and is seen as one of the most important therapies to prevent negative effects of immobility.
held+team | Vemo

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