held+team | XPR-Analysis scale

XPR-Analysis scale

Mettler Toledo's XPR analytical scales enable efficient work with their various quality assurance functions.

The patented SmartGrid weighing pan minimizes the effects of air currents on the load cell. This allows the scale to stabilize quickly and deliver results faster. In addition, the analytical balances recognize electrostatic charges on samples and can eliminate them.

The scales are delivered with a separate terminal with which all settings can be made via touchscreen. A status LED in the terminal provides information about the operational readiness of the scale at all times.

The design is based on the corporate product design defined by Held+Team.


Mettler Toledo AG

Industrial Design
Ergonomics and Usability




held+team | XPR-Analysis scale
held+team | XPR-Analysis scale
held+team | XPR-Analysis scale

Successful analysis starts with accurate weighing. Thanks to intelligent quality assurance functions, XPR analytical scales always deliver valid results. Seamlessly integrating into your existing information system, XPR analytical scales meet the most stringent requirements for safety, efficiency and compliance.

XPR analytical scales have a readability range of 0.002mg to 0.1mg and maximum capacities of up to 320g to cover the needs of your analytical workflow.

held+team | XPR-Analysis scale
held+team | XPR-Analysis scale

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