held+team | Peelpacks for hospital single use items

Peelpacks for hospital single use items

The "Hospital Care" and "OPM" divisions within the B. Braun Group supply hospitals with infusion therapy products, bandages and many other disposable items. A uniform design language for peel packs was developed for the packaging of these products. The design includes a fixed hierarchy for all product information and combines this with recurring visual design features.

The hierarchization of information gives the user an immediate overview of the product properties (size, expiration date, etc.). This ensures fast and error-free handling, which can be life-saving for the patient. The visual features support the user's intuitive handling process through standardized coding, display of opening areas, images of the products in the form of illustrations, structuring of information using lines, etc. All of these support the user in the warehouse, on the ward, in the operating theater or on the intensive care unit in finding the right product without errors. By homogenizing these properties, the perception of the B. Braun brand as a "system provider" is strengthened.

The design is based on the corporate product design defined by Held+Team.


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held+team | Peelpacks for hospital single use items
held+team | Peelpacks for hospital single use items

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