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Wall Dispenser

The wall-mounted liquid dispenser is suitable for use in hospitals as well as other medical facilities when hygienic conditions are important.
It can be filled with B. Braun soap, lotion or disinfectant. A color code indicates which agent is included.
The side window will change color when the level is low and the inner reservoir needs to be replaced.

For particularly sensitive applications, the device can be operated using the metal bracket with the elbow. This minimizes the risk of contamination. Under normal circumstances, it is also sufficient to trigger the dispenser by pressing on the lower front of the housing with the palm of your hand. All surfaces are designed in such a way that regular cleaning of the dispenser is easy.

The design is based on the corporate product design features developed by Held+Team for B. Braun.

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B. Braun Melsungen AG

Industrial Design
Ergonomics and Usability





Good Design Award

held+team | Wall Dispenser
held+team | Wall Dispenser
held+team | Wall Dispenser

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